Recreational Boys Gymnastics

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Session I: September 7th – November 8th

Session II: November 9th – January 21st

Session III: January 23rd – April 1st

Session IV: April 3rd – June 12th

Beginner/Intermediate-Advanced Classes are for boys aged 5-14. Students who enroll for the year (September through June) receive the full benefit of our carefully paced training program. Our teaching techniques emphasize overall physical fitness, while building a strong gymnastics foundation and incorporating a fun atmosphere

Bull Dogs

This class is geared for very active boys!!!!! Boys have a choice to do the 45 minute Co-ed kindergarten class or the Bull Dogs one hour class. The Bull Dogs do tons of body weight exercises i.e. pull ups, push ups, squat, ect, ect, and keep moving for the entire hour. We also play age appropriate games and do extreme activities jumping, flipping and having fun with obstacles and mats. We have a curriculum of conventional gymnastics that is teach through stations and circuits by our experienced coaches. This is a great class for all boys it can be specified for stamina and ability.

Ages: 4 – kindergarten
Duration: 45 minutes / 9 week sessions

Cost: $240

Big Dog

The boys gymnastics class builds confidence, self discipline, fitness and fundamentals with emphasis on coordination and strength. Boys ages 5 and up will learn the sport in a positive atmosphere, while tumbling. Our Goal is to mix a curriculum of activities to coincide with the adventurous life of young boys. Not only do we preach the fundamentals of gymnastics but create a fusion of extreme activities and gymnastics to maximize the interests of our young energetic students.

Ages: grade 1 & up
Duration: 60 minutes / 9 week sessions

Cost: $240

Mad Dog

Mad Dog’s is a class geared for older boys who are looking for fitness, fun, and extreme activities through gymnastics. Not only do we work on conventional gymnastics(handstands, round offs, back handsprings and flips) the boys work on body weight exercises to get stronger and improve balance. This class has a fun and encouraging atmosphere where the boys are flipping, exercising, and testing the extreme athlete in all of them. This class is awesome for any boy with a lot of energy and looking to have fun.

Ages: grade 3 & up
Duration: 60 minutes / 9 week sessions

Cost: $240